The Youth at St. Mark’s


St. Mark's, strives to be a place of hospitality for people of all ages. From our very good Preschool ministry, (place link to PS here) to our family fun nights at our community center to worship on Sunday morning, we strive to have children have an active place at St Mark's.

Our next youth event can be found on our Happenings page.

We offer Sunday morning Sunday school, childcare and a soft play area in the church for children.

St. Mark’s Preschool


Serving children of all religious and ethnic heritages. Here at St. Mark's, we know that beginnings matter.

Each child's self-esteem is grounded in their love for learning and others. Our foundation is built on cooperative efforts between parents and teachers to provide an enriching learning experience for all children.

Family. Culture. Identity.

Godly Play


Godly Play introduces children to the stories of God in an unique way that lets them take in everything they're hearing and begin to wonder about it. This method of storytelling is taught in a way that encourages thought and participation, helping children reach their own conclusions about the stories each week. Godly Play also includes an artistic component that allows children to express their feelings about the stories in a way that speaks to them.

Sunday School occurs Sundays at 10:00am, with the children returning to the service for communion. All children elementary school ages 5-11 are welcome and invited to attend. Parents and Guardians always welcome to attend with their children.