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You are welcome here.

Are you thinking about walking over the threshold into St. Mark's on a Sunday morning?  Whether you are brand new to faith or born and raised with faith, you are welcome here.

We offer two very distinct worship experiences on Sunday morning. Both are Eucharist (pronounced Yew-car-rist), the Greek word for Communion or the Lord’s Supper, which is Bread and Wine.

8 am in a few words:

Ancient Languaged

This smaller gathering is a great quiet start to your Sunday. Our Eucharist uses the Book of Common Prayer Rite I. This Rite contains some of the same prayers and language used in England during the time of Queen Elizabeth I. The language is beautiful and traditional.

10 am is:


Our 10 am Eucharist uses prayers from across the globe of the Anglican Communion.It is not unusual to hear everything from classical to contemporary music to spirituals in one worship service.


How should I dress?

There is a wide range of dress in our church everything from jeans and a polo shirt to people dressed up in a tie. We welcome you no matter how you are dressed.

How do I know what to do?

At 8 am, you are invited to sit with a member of the congregation and they will help find your way through the Book of Common Prayer. At 10 am, our bulletin gives you everything you need in order to know what happens next.

Would if I want to come to church but would like to have a little tour ahead of time?

No worries! Contact Michael in our office and he’ll set up an appointment for you to meet George our priest for a tour.
Michael can be reached at 408-296-8383 or email